Talaris EV8650 Currency counter

Next-generation note counting

The EV8650 is the premium model from Talaris’ EV-86 Series of currency counters.
It is the most advanced currency counter ever
designed by Talaris and is designed specifically with counting efficiency in mind.
It is the ideal model for users who require a highly efficient and highly accurate counting solution for medium to large volumes of currency or where high levels of banknote authentication
and maximum machine flexibility are the primary purchase considerations.

The most efficient feed on the market
The EV86-Series incorporates Talaris’ Ultra Feed technology which maximises the feed efficiency of the counter, ensuring that the counter feeds all banknotes irrespective of design and
quality of condition.

"Right First Time" count accuracy, every time
In field tests Talaris’ unique MDD system is up to 100 times more accurate than alternative systems such as opacity.
MDD accurately counts all banknotes irrespective of design and quality of condition, without operator or service technician adjustment.
MDD is unaffected by
currency sets with different densities of paper for different denominations
banknotes with excessive levels of dirt or staining
clear windows commonly found in polymer notes

Speed – fast and efficient throughputs
With a top speed of 2000+ notes per minute, the EV8650 offers the user the highest levels of speed and throughput available on the market.

Range of detection available
UV (Ultraviolet)
IR (Infra Red) - selected currencies
EMG (Enhanced Magnetics)
MTD (Metal Thread)
PPD (Paper Properties Detection) - US$ only
SMDS (Superior Magnetic Detection System)
commonly referred to as the €III Detector

Description Product no Price per Pricing Stock Add to cart
EV8650 std. currency counter
EV8650 std. currency counter 177-0600 Price per 1
1+   € 874.50
3+   € 864.20
5+   € 818.85
EV8650 SD-UV currency counter
EV8650 SD-UV currency counter 177-0601 Price per 1
1+   € 1,364.75
3+   € 1,313.25
5+   € 1,230.85
EV8650 EIII +currency counter
EV8650 EIII +currency counter 177-0602 Price per 1
1+   € 2,755.25
3+   € 2,652.25
5+   € 2,549.25
EV8650 3DUVIR currency counter
EV8650 3DUVIR currency counter 177-0603 Price per 1
1+   € 1,787.05
3+   € 1,714.95
5+   € 1,642.85
EV8650 full detec.-value count
EV8650 full detec.-value count 177-0604 Price per 1
1+   € 5,041.85