Coin Equalizer

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  • Simple upgrade from the older generation of mechanical coin mechanisms without their inherent problems of coin jams and wearing parts. Available at a price that makes conversion economically attractive
  • Solid state electronic circuit designed to compare the "characteristic" of incoming coin to sample coin
  • "Slide action" sensor coil assembly allows for quick sample coin change
  • High reliability
  • Will retrofit most mechanical 3.1/2" acceptors
  • Standard voltage of 12 - 24 - 50Vac or Vdc
  • Electronic circuit determines coins material composition, thickness and diameter
  • Potentiometer adjustable for "weeding-out"slugs
  • Rejects coin automatically when power is off
  • "Free-fall" acceptance for accurate quick feeding
  • Credit output signal, which eliminates the need for a microswitch assembly
  • Built in lock-out coil, which eliminates the coin-in no credit potential
  • Not suitable for 1 and 2 Euro