• The Coin Feeder CTI-328 is a new device for coin sorting and acceptance systems.. -
  • - It is installed ahead of the usual coin validator. The Coin Feeder CTI-328 allows the user to place a mixture of coins directly into the acceptance cup. The coins are then fed to the coin validation equipment at the maximum speed it is capable of reliably working. The Coin Feeder CTI-328 makes coin operated machines user friendly and more efficient. This product simplifies the feeding of coins in many areas, for instance, gaming, amusement, vending and other coin operated machines. The unit's simplicity allows the user to quickly and easily enter a selection of coinage and ensure the maximum throughput for the machine. The integration of the Coin Feeder CTI-328 is advised wherever fast and easy coin acceptance is advantageous for the user and operator, for instance, on gambling machines where the unit optimises the play frequency by shortening the cash feeding time between games.