• SEC is the unique finger print code allows the machine to detect any meter changes and prevent operation if the meter is not present.
  • SEC avoids the reliability problems and service call-outs which can be experienced with mechanical counting devices.
  • Features:
  • Replaces up to 31 mechanical meters with individual counters stored in EEPROM: each counter can store values from 0 to 9,999, 999
  • 7 digit liquid chrystal display for showing the contents of the counters, enabling individual counter reading to be easily located and logged by the operator
  • Text messages and counter selection controlled by host machine. The text can be charged by the host machine, enabling the counter unit to be configured for different languages or different counter uses as it is moved from the host machine to another.
  • Clock serial interface designed to work on existing meters port. The host can use as many of the 31 counters as is required, the counter cannot be cleared to zero or decremented under normal circumstances
  • Improved security through: secure software protocol and tamperproof counters with unique fingerprint code