2-pin female .093 centers

Item No: 02-09-2029

Male contact for 03-09-2062

Item No: 02-09-2118
Sold in pack of 50

Pin Extractor Ht2038

Item No: 11-03-0006

Power Cable 300cm

Item No: 22-0012

Coiled Power cable

Item No: 22-0012-3

Power Cable 180 cm

Item No: 22-0012-4

Power Extension Cable

Item No: 22-0012-5

Power Cable 500cm

Item No: 22-0012-6

Power Extension Split Cable

Item No: 22-0012-8

Edge Connector 2x10 Pin

Item No: 22-0860-10

Edge Connector 2 x 22 Pin

Item No: 22-0860-22

Edge Connector 2 x 36 Pin

Item No: 22-0860-36

Female Crimp Terminal Minifit

Item No: 39-00-0039

IGT Blanking Plate w/Nuts

Item No: 42-3412-00

Molex Crimp Style Terminal

Item No: 08-50-0114

Pancon switch-con crimp termin

Item No: 43-2315-00-1

5CKT Pancon switch-con connect

Item No: 43-2316-00

Edge Connector 2 x 28 Pin

Item No: 22-0860-28

Fuse fast blow 10Amp 6x32

Item No: 49-0560-00
Sold in pack of 10

IGT Ballast with Fuse 25VDC 15W

Item No: 70-0635-00-R

IGT Solenoid Assy 24Vdc

Item No: 70-0642-00

IGT Ballast with Fuse 25VDC 8W

Item No: 70-0824-00

3-Star Agitator

Item No: 119-0003

IGT Socket Lamp T3-1/4 Wedge

Item No: 70-1331-00

Cable Wire to Belly Door 16"

Item No: 70-1355-00

IGT Socket Lamp T3-1/4 Short

Item No: 70-1467-00

IGT Door Cable

Item No: 70-1513-00

IGT Coin Entry F Slant Top CHR

Item No: 70-1587-00

Extractor Tool for .165" Pins

Item No: 11-03-0044