SH1950 LCD top RGB GC

Article: 103-0282043010

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  • The SH1950 Video Topper consists of a 19.5" wide viewing angle panel with LED back light, VGA or DVI cable out, 12V input and can be equipped with a black or chrome bezel. On the side(s) we use RGB illumination, covered by acrylic front plate. The SH1950 Video Topper and Edge Lit Topper are manufactured in SUZOHAPP China, in accordance to the highest standards. Final assembly, as well as customizations are done at the production facility in the Netherlands.
  • The SH1950 Video Topper is a great addition to every cabinet!
  • Classic mini tower light chrome 2 lamps or 3 lamps or no
  • mini tower light optional
  • RGB LED illumination, covered by an acrylic front plate
  • Optional without LCD to be used as a light box
  • RGB optional with or without controller
  • VGA or DVI connection
  • Black or chrome bezel
  • Black feet included