Submini P.B. Square 37x37 Blue

: 26-1160-6

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  • These buttons are designed to retrofit all existing VLT/Poker buttons which use a 22 mm square mounting hole
  • Designed to resist spills and sticking, for high reliability and long life, tested for 10 million+ cycles.
  • Features:
  • Small size, low profile, provides maximum player comfort
  • Standard supplied with spacer bezel for mounting on top or in the panel ( low-profile )
  • Full 0.5 mm thickness on lamp terminals holds lamp or led connectors securely
  • Contacts for lamp or led are two-legged to assure reliable contact with lamp or led
  • Only UL approved materials are used to manufacture these buttons
  • For use with 5mm wedge base lamps or leds (not included)
  • Standard fitted with Cherry DB5 style microswitch with 2.8 mm terminals for easy connection
  • Available in 6 different colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue or white
  • All buttons are supplied without lamp, led or artwork