Venia switchlock Key-alike 50pcs

: VS2-1138KA50

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  • The Venia security locks use a 14 pin system, 10 pins on the flat keyside, and 2 side pins on each side
  • Features:
  • Brass housing with high quality spindle and bright chrome finish
  • A security collar is included with every Venia lock to prevent any attempts to turn the lock with tools
  • Key made of nickel silver assures longer lifetime and trouble free operation
  • Venia switchlocks are available with and without automatic key return
  • Key-different locks are supplied with 2 keys per lock, Key-alike locks are supplied with 5 keys per new serie
  • Length : 36.4mm (1-7/16")
  • Key-alike locks are available in lots of 25-50 or 100pcs, re-orders are possible with a minimum quantity of 25 pcs