Multi PRO
Car Wash Multi-Device

Latest technology, touch screen monitor and advanced functions for Multi PRO, the revolutionary starter for portals and outdoor change machines, designed with the aim of meeting the operator requirements and combining innovation, simplicity and convenience. Multi PRO manages up to 8 washing programs via a practical 5 inch touch screen monitor and a vocal guide. Based on state-of-the-art PC architecture, it support the user to quickly manage multiple tasks, such as starting the washing program, recharge cards and keys, change money, buy tokens and distribute cards or keys. The cabinet has been redesigned from a mechanical aspect to provide robustness and convenience. The machine is available free-standing or wall-mounted.


  • Integrated and complete control of the entire carwash portal. A single point to activate the carwash, pay, recharge cards/keys, change money, distribute keys/cards and buy tokens or cards/keys
  • Possibility of paying with coins and banknotes or a card or key/card. If required, payment can be made with bankcards (chip or contactless)
  • Rapidly change banknotes into coins and/or coins into tokens
  • Sell tokens with 3 separate hoppers
  • Give change in coins and banknotes
  • Recharge credit on keys or cards
  • Dispense cards and keys
  • Print the receipt once the transaction is complete or if unsuccessful
  • Management of promotional activities to purchase tokens or recharge keys or cards
  • Vocal and graphic support
  • Touch screen interface for fast and simplified operations
  • Possibility of a remote connection to update and configure it
  • Automatic accounting emails
  • Automatic alarms emails
  • Barcode reader
  • Installation flexibility: free-standing or wall-mounted
  • Structure resistant to external agents: water, dust and various types of atmospheric agents



  • Anti vandal 5" touch screen
  • Vocal guide
  • Proximity sensor


  • RM5 HD coin validator
  • Currenza C2 coin recycler (instead of RM5 HD)
  • EuroKey Next cashless system
  • 2 dispensers of cards or keys
  • 2 NV9 USB banknote readers
  • NV11 USB banknote recycler (as alternative to NV9 USB)
  • 3 Evolution hoppers
  • POS
  • Bankcard contactless reader
  • Scanner for the barcode management
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Fiscal printer for eastern countries

Technische Spezifikationen

Free-Standing Wall Mounted
Dimensions (LxHxD) 630 x 1,448.15 x 590 503 x 770 x 518 mm
Weight 140 kg 70 kg
Power supply voltage 230 VAC 230 VAC
Current consumption 230 VA 230 VA
Operating temperature -15°C to 50°C humidity 10% to 90% not condensed -15°C to 50°C humidity 10% to 90% not condensed

Coin Capacity 0.5 € 1 € 2 €
1 Evolution Hopper 1500 3000 4500
2 Evolution Hoppers 1500 3000 4500
3 Evolution Hoppers 1200 2400 3600


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