Pit Start Plus
Car Wash Start Systems

The best unit for activating self-service washing bays. Specifically designed for self-service washing bays, it manages up to 7 wash programs through a single payment unit. It is particularly suitable for modernising existing high-pressure systems which still employ electro-mechanical control systems. Solid and resistant, it guarantees excellent protection against dust, water jets and nebulised chemical products. Pit Start Plus is available in 2 different versions for easy installation on any type of system. The graphics label can be customised to increase the visibility of the company logo.


  • Coin entry protected by a mobile plate. Microchip card slot equipped with an internal waterproof seal
  • IP 54 protection degree
  • Stainless steel external frame, door and pushbutton panel
  • Opening protected by a fully waterproof closing lock, equipped with an anti-drilling plate
  • Transflective display, back-lit like the buttons, guaranteeing maximum visibility even in conditions of full sunlight
  • 7 program selection buttons and 1 stop button to interrupt the service in progress
  • Front panel with wide space for communicating with the user and for indicating the function of each button. Instructions shown on a customisable adhesive panel
  • In the standard version, the interface is made with a DIN guide box equipped with 8 opto-isolated inputs for receiving signals from the system control unit, 8 relay outputs and 1 RS232 serial connector for programming the validator, transmitting accounting data and upgrading the software
  • Possibility to set the prices on-field
  • Installs free standing or wall mounted


Stand-by status

When the cash unit is in stand-by, the display shows a message asking to insert cash and select a service, while the buttons light up in a rapid sequence in order to attract the customers’ attention

Coin and token functionality

When the user inserts coins or tokens, the display will show the purchased credit. Once the first set price is reached, the Pit Start Plus will be ready to activate the corresponding service

Card or key operated

When the user inserts the key or the card, the display will show the amount of credit available. If the credit is equal to or higher than the lowest configured price, the Pit Start Plus is ready to activate the relative service

Selecting the services

Up to 7 different services can be selected, which correspond to an equal number of wash programs. The user can rapidly switch from one service to another by simply pressing the corresponding button


Installed Peripherals

  • RM5 HD coin validator
  • EuroKey Next cashless system

Optional Peripherals

  • NV9 USB banknote reader
  • WorldKey cashless system

Optional Accessories

  • Graphics label customised by quantity

Technische Spezifikationen

Accessible cabinet-mounted starter Wall-mounted starter
Dimensions (LxHxD) 394 x 1,508 x 283 mm 388 x 688 x 182,3 mm
Weight 52 kg 17 kg
Power supply voltage 24 VAC ±10% 24 VAC ±10%
Current consumption 25 W 25 W
Operating temperature -15°C to 50°C humidity 10% to 90% not condensed -15°C to 50°C humidity 10% to 90% not condensed

Coin Capacity 0.5 € 1 € 2 €
Cash Box 800 850 650


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