• The solution for the high frequency manipulations on your note readers in your change machine.
  • When connected, the machine is directly protected against high frequency fraud. Should there be a fraud attempt, then immediately the voltage of the note acceptor removed, all credit lines are closed, the alarm goes off (if siren is connected) and on the Anti-Fraud board, the red LED is on.
  • The Anti-Fraud board remains in alarm until the machine is turned off. Only when the machine least 10 seconds off and then powered on again, the alarm will be reset.
  • Adjustments (standard is not required) :
  • You can set the sensitivity by means turning the potentiometer on the Anti-Fraud board. The center position is standard, less sensitive to the left and to the right sensitive.
  • Note: The setting only change when electric interfering elements around the exchanger, causing the alarm to sound spontaneous (flashing fluorescent tubes).