Protec Alarm System

Item No: 189-1000

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  • The alarm unit is equipped with an accelerometer, allowing movement detection without using an external tilt switch. If no power is applied, the alarm unit will run on the on board battery.
  • When an alarm is active, the attached siren will be powered with 9 Vdc, giving a loud signal. The optional relay on the board can be used to attach other alarming devices. The alarm sound is turned off automatically after approximately 2 minutes, and the armed state is entered again.
  • During arming, when the key switch is opened, the attached led indicator flash approx. twice per second. When the armed state is entered, the led indicator remains on, indicating that the unit is armed. When the alarm system is armed without external power supply, the indicator led will remain flashing approx. twice per second to save energy. When the alarm unit is disarmed, by closing the key switch, the attached led indicator will be switched off, and the door and tilt switches and accelerometer are disabled.
  • Note that after the unit goes into the armed state (led indicator on), the tilt and movement sensor are monitored 2 min later, to allow some repositioning of the machine. After this 2 min delay, the siren will beep twice shortly to indicate that the tilt inputs are active now.
  • The unit can be installed in different ways, depending on the application.