Desmo Casino Lock 28.5mm KA

Item No: D1118KA25
Sold in pack of 25

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  • The Assa Desmo is a patented lock construction based on direct drive pins (no spring operation) making it particularly suitable for many operations in dirty and hostile environments
  • False cuts on the pins provide resistance to any currently known method of picking
  • A large key made from nickel silver provides many years of guaranteed comfortable handling
  • The Assa Desmo system is the effective way to prevent unauthorized manufacturing, cutting and distribution of key blanks, it also requires the most advanced and precise key cutting equipment in the lock industry
  • No key blanks for Assa Desmo are sold and key production for Europe is only done in Sweden
  • Features:
  • 8-pin lock combined with two strong side bars
  • Patent protected against unauthorized key duplication
  • False cuts on the pins provide extra resistance to any known method of picking
  • Large key made of nickel silver for lasting durability and comfortable operation
  • Standard 90 degrees operation and key removable in locked position, optionally available with removable key in either locked or unlocked position
  • Various collars available to adjust any mounting depth
  • Switchlocks available in same keycode as standard camlocks
  • Standard supplied with 32mm cam, other sizes and models available
  • Key-Alike, available in new keycodes from 25, 50 or 100 pcs with a total of 5 keys per new keycode