SCN8347 Multiwidth RS232

Item No: M252008148P1

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  • SC Advance is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of retail cash management, cash deposit systems, gas pumps, self checksout or kiosk and security applications. Its advanced recognition technology, its great speed and the increased capacity to accept up to 100 different currencies and denominations make it the best choice in the market. Design to perform optimally, SC Advance is equipped with industry-leading features and proven technology. Each product can be supported for audit, download and configuration with MEI Cashflow? STS PC-based support tools.
  • Features:
  • High acceptance rate: 98% or greater
  • New recognition system that provide a second barcode sensor to improve global ticket acceptance rates and offer 4-way ticket acceptance
  • New note transportation system enables currency transaction in all conditions and decreases the risk of jam. Smooth short and tall note path is sealed against fluid and dust
  • Accepted banknotes: 62 ÷ 83 mm width and 120 ÷ 166 mm length (standard cash box), 120 ÷ 177 mm length (extended cash box)
  • Notes insertion: up to 100 notes, 4-way face up and down
  • Barcode coupons insertion: 2-way face up
  • Diagnostic LEDs, configuration button and USB port located in the front face of the validator for an easier access
  • 4 cashbox size options: 600 notes, 900 notes, 1,200 notes and 2,200 notes
  • Cash-box constructed of a durable, high-impact plastic with a welded design
  • Bezel options: Bunch Note Feeder (BNF), Universal, Coin resistant, other
  • Traffic light LEDs provide front-line at machine diagnostics
  • Interfaces: multiple serial protocols and USB
  • Robust design for a better durability
  • Extremely durable cashbox and protected internal mechanisms and components
  • Flexibility in mounting options, thanks to the heavier gauge steel in chassis
  • Easily updates through interface cards