Cube Hopper

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  • Provides for high payout speed dispensing (up to 400 coins per minute) and a standard capacity of 350 coins (Ø 24 mm). Extensions are available to increase the capacity, with an average of 400 coins per extension.
  • The square base allows for four different installation orientations, based on the customer?s installation requirements. Conversion to different currencies is fast and easy.
  • A sophisticated electronic control board, together with payout sensors, protects it against any possible accidental jams (the sensor must be kept clean and at a safe distance from any light source). Available also in the Dual Hopper version, which can payout 2 different types of coins.
  • Features:
  • Safer than ever, thanks to the new anti-theft metal plate and the new firmware
  • Accepts coins of diameters between 18 and 31 mm and thicknesses between 1.5 and 3.2 mm (all Euro coins other than 1c)
  • Available in the ccTalk or parallel versions, with universal disc for 50c - 1? - 2? Euro coins
  • Also available in the Dual Hopper version, equipped with an additional sensor for measuring the coin diameter, as well as 5 special ccTalk controls for mixed coin payout
  • Small, compact and easy to install, thanks to its practical installation kit (included)
  • ?Sun & Planet? gearbox, which allows for optimal operation with minimal consumption (from 350 mA to 850 mA with a peak of 2 A at 24 Vdc)
  • The Sun & Planet gearbox increases the coin capacity, to contain and count more than 1,200 coins with a 24 mm diameter with two extensions (max. 2 extensions)
  • Auto-reverse system to protect against accidental jams
  • A second payout sensor is available as an option
  • Two connection options: 10-pole in-line connector and 5x2 transition connector; a chain of peripherals (daisy connection) can be obtained using a ribbon cable