Intelligent Cube hopper €0.20

Item No: 10-1800-25

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  • Made from extremely strong, wearing resistant plastics, the Cube Hopper has an expandable hopper capacity. With one configuration we cover the 0.50, 1 and 2 Euro coins, and in case of conversion the disc can be replaced in seconds to convert the denomination of the hopper. The hopper is square and easy to mount by means of a standard mounting bracket.
  • By using an unique Sun & Planet gearbox system, this hopper offers the possibility to contain and count (with
  • two extensions) over 1,200 coins of ø 24 mm. The hopper is protected by an auto-reverse anti-jam system and has an indirect optical readout with a continuous monitored optic sensor control. A low level detection is integrated in the coincup. Available also in the Dual Hopper version, which can payout 2 different types of coins.
  • Standard 350 coins capacity (ø24 mm)
  • Payout speed: 450 coins/minute (<31 mm coins), 275 coins/minute (> 31,1 mm)
  • High payout speed dispensing: up to 400 coins per minute
  • Indirect optic switch read out
  • protected by dust and light cover
  • Coin cup extensionsavailable (optional) which will increase capacity up to average 400 coins per extension (ø24 mm) (Maximum 2 extensions
  • up to 25.6 mm)
  • Silent operation
  • Low level cup sensing integrated into connector as standard