Cube hopper MK2 Cctalk ITA 27.90-30.09mm Dia 1.50-2.09mm Thickness

Item No: 10-1900-84

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  • The Cube hopper has been designed according to the highest standards for reliability and security for the Gaming, Vending and Amusement Industry
  • Made from extremely strong, wearing resistant plastics, the Cube Hopper is a high speed, single denomination hopper with expandable hopper capacity
  • Probably the most successful hopper in all new markets today the Cube Hopper has build it’s reputation fast
  • With one configuration we cover the 0.50, 1 and 2 Euro coins, and in case of conversion the disc can be replaced in seconds to convert the denomination of the hopper (No tools required)
  • The hopper is square and easy to mount by means of a standard mounting-bracket (included)
  • By using an unique "Sun & Planet" gearbox system, this hopper offers the possibility to contain and count (with two extensions) over 1,200 coins of ø 24 mm
  • The hopper is protected by an auto-reverse anti-jam system and has an indirect optical readout with a continuous monitored optic sensor control
  • A low level detection is integrated in the coincup
  • Features:
  • Standard 450 coins capacity. (ø24mm)
  • Coin cup extensions available (optional) which will increase capacity up to average 400 coins per extension (ø24 mm) (Maximum 2 extensions up to 25.6 mm)
  • High pay out speed: 400 coins per minute
  • Coin size range 18 - 31 mm. Thickness 1.5/3.2 mm (all Euro coins, except 1 Euro cent)
  • Supplied complete with mounting bracket
  • Hopper conversion into different coinage is easy and fast
  • Low level cup sensing integrated into connector as standard
  • Planetary gearbox system provides maximum torque with minimal power consumption
  • (350 mA to 850 mA with a 2 Amp peak on 24Vdc)
  • Standard operating voltages 12 or 24Vdc
  • Duty cycle 2:1
  • CE approved
  • Hopper is protected by auto reverse anti-jam
  • Integrated optical read-out sensor under platform (Sensor cannot get dirty or be
  • approached with any light source)
  • Cctalk communication
  • Electronic payout speed control at 24Vdc
  • Secured encrypted (MC) or non-encrypted (ITA) payout commands
  • Continuous Opto-Sensor check
  • ccTalk Cube Hopper models are available with 2 different ccTalk interfaces:
  • 1. ccTalk Hopper Interface implementation following the Italian market standard (ITA)
  • Part nr. 10-1900-XX. (Non Encrypted)
  • 2. ccTalk Hopper Interface implementation following the Encryption standard of
  • Money Controls (MC). Part nr. 10-2000-XX