Evolution Shutter Hopper - Parallel 21-30 mm, Rear conn.

Item No: EV05000

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  • This Evolution shutter hopper is equipped with an improved opto-sensor for coin detection and with an electronic shutter unit in front of the coin exit port of the hopper
  • The improved opto-sensor has an extra infra-red emitter and infra-red receiver added
  • Both ir-receivers are securely located at both sides of the opto-sensor, so that they cannot be reached directly through the coin exit port, making tampering the sensor very difficult
  • The function of the added shutter is 2 fold: First it prevents spilling any coins through the coin exit port, in case a hopper is moved in or out of a machine
  • Secondly, it prevents the insertion of any tools, that could be used to tamper the opto-sensor inside the coin exit port, that could cause any fraud
  • As soon as the hopper starts paying coins, the shutter opens, and closes again when a payment is finished
  • All other features and dimensions are the same as the normal Evolution hopper range
  • Features:
  • Modular space –efficient system
  • High capacity >1100 coins of 1 Euro
  • Pay out speed 4 coins per second
  • In build agitator to prevent coin jams
  • Hopper is protected by anti-jam electronics
  • Large motor reduces motor noise
  • High quality materials for long trouble free operation
  • Easily removable and accessible electronics
  • Hopper connector can easily be changed from front to back
  • Low and high level sensing
  • Competitively priced
  • Low cost of ownership