15" Intellitouch Screen- Flat Profile 4;3 Antiglare

Item No: E221757

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  • IntelliTouch surface wave is the optical standard of touch. Its pure glass construction provides superior optical performance and makes it the most scratch-resistant technology available. It's nearly impossible to physically "wear out" this touchscreen. IntelliTouch is widely used in kiosk, gaming, and office automation applications and is available for both flat panel and CRT solutions
  • Benefits
  • •Surface wave (also known as surface acoustic wave, or SAW) technology
  • •Pure-glass touchscreens for superior image clarity, resolution, and light transmission
  • •Durable, scratch-resistant glass surface—continues to work if scratched
  • •Stable "drift-free" operation—for touch response that's always accurate
  • •Finger, gloved hand, and soft stylus activation
  • •Fast touch response
  • •Sensitive touch response—recognizes location and amount of pressure applied
  • •The longest touchscreen warranty available: ten-year warranty for IntelliTouch/SecureTouch touchscreens and five-year warranty for related controllers
  • Size : 15"
  • Flat profile
  • Aspect Ratio : 4:3
  • Finish : Antiglare
  • This screen is also used in Elo 1537L touchmonitors