Terms and Conditions

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Welcome to the SUZOHAPP EU website. Through this website, SUZOHAPP provides its users with information, news, announcements, documents, files, graphics, text, images, publications, tools and services.

Restrictions on the material
This website contains proprietary information that belongs exclusively to SUZOHAPP. This exclusive property includes but is not limited to, copyrights, trademarks and technological information, provided as text, graphics, audio and video, with the possibility of downloading material, links or applications. Unless specified otherwise, this content cannot be modified, or derivative products created thereof, or distribute the information without written authorisation from SUZOHAPP.

SUZOHAPP undertakes to carry out every useful activity to provide accurate, complete and updated information on this website. However, it cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the material published. In order to guarantee constant improvement of its products, SUZOHAPP reserves the right to modify the technical, functional and aesthetic specifications without prior notice.

In any case, SUZOHAPP cannot be held liable for the loss or damage to data caused by the installation or use of any Application (firmware, software, calibration, etc.) downloaded from the Download Area, nor is any guarantee provided or any other liability accepted with reference to the Applications themselves.

SUZOHAPP does not provide, unless strictly indicated otherwise in the applicable EULA, any support or assistance regarding use, installation or maintenance of any Application or for troubleshooting purposes deriving from use or installation of the Applications.

SUZOHAPP respects user privacy. The collected information can be archived and used in the Nedherlands or in any other country where SUZOHAPP or its representatives and branches carry out business. The information is highly protected and saved in secure and controlled environments. by using this website, the user allows any type of information to be transferred out of his country and accepts all the terms and conditions of our Privacy Regulation.

Using documents and publications on the website
With the exception of that strictly prohibited on this website, the users are authorised to view, copy and distribute publications and documents contained on the pages (for example, frequently asked questions, technical reports, product sheets, press releases and so on), in compliance with the following precautions:

  • the use of information is purely for information purposes
  • the users cannot make any changes to documents, publications or graphics
  • the users cannot copy or distribute the graphics separately from the text provided and must quote the source "SUZOHAPP" when out of its context
  • the users agree that SUZOHAPP can revoke this authorisation at any time; on receipt of the notice from SUZOHAPP, the users must immediately interrupt the activities regarding this authorisation

Use for any other purpose is strictly prohibited by law and may lead to serious civil and criminal liability. The authorisation referred to above regarding using the documents and the publications does not include the permission to copy the design parts or the appearance or layout of this website. These parts are protected by the law and industrial property.

Prohibition of illegal use
the users cannot use the website for illegal purposes or prohibited by these provisions. Under no circumstances can the users use services that can damage, disable, overload or hinder a SUZOHAPP server, or the network connected to a SUZOHAPP server, or interfere with the use of the website by third parties.

Material provided to SUZOHAPP or posted on the website
Users who post, load, insert or provide their own material allow SUZOHAPP and the affiliated companies to use it, thereby providing the company with any subsequent and required right, such as ? including but not limited to - to copy it, distribute it, transmit it, view it (and run it) even publicly, reproduce it, modify it, translate it, publish it, develop it, sell it and allot a licence for it. SUZOHAPP is not obliged to insert or use the material received and can decide, at any time and at its sole discretion, to remove it. The users guarantee and claim to be in possession of every required right on the material and to have its full availability. In addition to the guarantee and the above declaration, the users who insert material containing images, photographs, figures or graphs also guarantee and claim that every person seen in the images has given their consent to their disclosure. By inserting images, the users grant SUZOHAPP the permission to use them for the intended use stipulated in these terms and conditions. SUZOHAPP does not view or check the material received that it reserves the right to block or limit at any time, at its sole discretion. It is understood that the users bear the sole responsibility of the material loaded, inserted, provided, posted, sent or transmitted in any other way via the website.

E-mails and unsolicited postings (spam)
The users are aware of the fact that using the website in violation of these terms and conditions or sending unsolicited e-mails can lead to serious damage for SUZOHAPP. For such an event, SUZOHAPP reserves the right to take any action to protect its rights.

Compensation and/or benefits
The users agree to indemnify SUZOHAPP and the relative branches and companies from any claim or demand due to the material sent by them.