The Ideal Solution for Self-service Washing Bays

A payment system, specifi cally designed for gantry car washes, which even allows for the automation of pre-existing manual structures. It combines all of the essential design solutions for guaranteeing maximum reliability, even in presence of rain, condensation, heat and cold. It manages from 4 to 6 activation programs. The graphics can be customised in order to allow increased visibility of the company logo.


  • Rain protection devices on the front openings, electrical components and payments systems; structural work treated for outdoor environments; anti-condensation and anti-freeze ventilation and heating system equipped with a thermostat
  • Anti-vandalism keys with IP 67 protection rating
  • 5 mm thick steel door and reinforced jambs
  • High-security 3-point closing locks
  • CPU electronic board with collections data detection
  • Possibility of building customer loyalty using the cashless system with keys/cards
  • It gives change and changes coins and/or tokens for the auxiliary services (vacuum cleaner, mat washer, etc.)
  • Possibility of issuing a receipt which certifi es either the completed transaction or the failure to perform the requested service in the event of system malfunction
  • Terminal board for connections to and from the system easily accessible with the door open. The terminal board is made up of:
    • 4 voltage-free exchange contacts for service activation in the 4-program version. 6 voltage-free exchange contacts for service activation in parallel or binary mode (by choice) in the 6-program model
    • 3 standard opto-isolated inputs for receiving the wash status signals (in stand-by, in progress, vehicle presence, malfunction, etc.)
    • Single phase mains power supply
    • RS 232C serial interface for connection to a PC and peripherals, such as a modem



For programming


Installed Peripherals

  • Tropicalised RM5 Evolution electronic coin validator
  • POS (available in the countries that use it)

Optional Peripherals

Different configurations are available that can provide:

  • NV10 USB banknote reader
  • Evolution hopper
  • Cashless system with transponder keys/cards
  • Printer for issuing receipts

Optional Accessories

  • Recessed flange
  • Column or cabinet base
  • Luminous buttons and illuminated retrieval area
  • Graphics customised by quantity

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Technische Spezifikationen

Starter Starter on column base Starter on cabinet
Dimensions (LxHxD) 380 x 700 x 400 mm 385 x 1,600 x 400 mm 380 x 1,580 x 400 mm
Weight 50 kg 66 kg 72 kg
Power supply voltage 220/230 VAC - 50hz 220/230 VAC - 50hz 220/230 VAC - 50hz
Current consumption 100 VA max - 25 VA in standby 100 VA max - 25 VA in standby 100 VA max - 25 VA in standby
Operating temperature -15°C to 50°C humidity 10% to 90% not condensed -15°C to 50°C humidity 10% to 90% not condensed -15°C to 50°C humidity 10% to 90% not condensed

Coin Capacity 0.5 € 1 € 2 €
1 Evolution hopper 1500 1500 1200