SimplyStart Advance
The Ideal Solution for Self-service Washing Bays

SimplyStart Advance is the innovative gantry car wash starter with state of the art design and advanced performance. It allows the integral car wash management through a single user interface and can manage up to 12 different services. All payment systems are grouped together so as to be easily recognisable and accessible and are protected against water and other weather agents by a special polycarbonate pivoting door. New levels of security are guaranteed by the use of construction materials which are highly resistant to dust, water and chemical agents.The graphics can be customised in order to allow increased visibility of the company logo.


  • Integral and complete management of the entire gantry car wash
  • Various payment options, including cash, tokens, transponder cards or keys and credit cards (available in the countries that use them)
  • Change dispensing
  • Rapid changing of banknotes into coins or tokens and of coins into smaller coin denominations or tokens
  • Dispensing of transponder keys or microchip cards, for promoting customer loyalty or for accessing all of the facility’s services
  • Recharging of credit to keys or cards
  • Token sales
  • Issuance of receipt upon complete or incomplete dispensing available as an option
  • Management of promotional activities for purchasing wash programs with cards, tokens or transponder keys
  • Differentiated price setting based on vehicle categories or time slots (they can also be differentiated for each day of the week)
  • New 32-bit CPU with removable SD-card for exporting accounting data to a PC and for importing/exporting configuration parameters
  • Option to receive information on accounting data and faults on the machine and/or system via SMS
  • New remote data exchange function for consulting accounting data in real time. Access can be gained from any PC with SuiteConfig, appropriately configured
  • Installation options - recessed, free-standing cabinet, or accessible free-standing cabinet



Innovative program for PC which enables:

  • The complete configuration of the machine
  • Accounting data analysis
It also supplies the tools for translating the user interface into all the languages not supported as standard


Installed Peripherals

  • RM5 HD coin validator
  • Evolution Hopper

Optional Peripherals

Different configurations are available that can provide:

  • NV9 USB / NV10 USB banknote reader
  • 2nd NV9 USB / NV10 USB banknote reader
  • 2nd Evolution hopper
  • Cashless system with microchips cards
  • WorldKey or EuroKey Next cashless system
  • Card dispenser
  • Key dispenser
  • Receipt printer
  • Modem
  • POS (available in the countries that use it)

Optional Accessories

  • Recessed flange
  • Free-standing cabinet
  • Accessible free-standing cabinet
  • Graphics customised by quantity

Technische Spezifikationen

Starter Starter on free-standing cabinet Starter on accessible free-standing cabinet
Dimensions (LxHxD) 512 x 804 x 562.7 mm 600 x 1,902 x 600.6 mm 628 x 1,522 x 528 mm
Weight 53 kg 153 kg 120 kg
Power supply voltage 230 VAC 230 VAC 230 VAC
Current consumption 230 VA 230 VA 230 VA
Operating temperature -15°C to 50°C humidity 10% to 90% not condensed -15°C to 50°C humidity 10% to 90% not condensed -15°C to 50°C humidity 10% to 90% not condensed

Coin Capacity 0.5 € 1 € 2 €
1 Evolution hopper 1500 1500 1200
2 Evolution hoppers 3000 3000 2400
1 Evolution hopper with extension 5000 5000 4000